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Identity Thief (A Movie Review)

Identity Thief

Identity Thief

Identity Thief

Note to Hollywood: You are really misusing Melissa McCarthy.

She is funny and smart, but you could barely tell that from the way the movies (and TV) tend to pigeonhole her as a frumpy, overweight head cases.  I understand that it is a little odd to find a plus-sized woman approaching stardom.  However, that stardom is coming, well sort of, and if she keeps taking roles like this it will be very short term. 

Oddly, the best and worst thing that has ever happened to McCarthy’s career was her breakout supporting role as an extremely odd future sister-in-law in the smash hit Bridesmaids.  In that role she was very funny and yet she was also disturbingly odd and debauched.  It was sort of the female Zach Galiafinakis role. 

Yet, with the exception of her long-time supporting role as Lauren Graham’s best friend Sookie on Gilmore Girls, she almost never has gotten a character which seems like a real live human being.  They try with her current almost-hit sitcom Mike and Molly, but the writing isn’t strong enough to really let McCarthy shine, though she is usually better than her material.

Now that films have discovered her, though, she is being groomed for more Bridesmaids lite.  The fact that they have dressed her and made her up like a troll doll through 3/4 of her new movie Identity Thief – her first opportunity in the lead role of a major motion picture – is bad enough.  Beyond this shorthand dismissal of her – she looks bad so she must be bad – her character is a big jumble of contradictions. 

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