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Hunny – Warehouse On Watts – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Hunny – Warehouse On Watts – Philadelphia, PA – October 31, 2023

Indie rock/pop group HUNNY, from California, brought their mini-12-date tour to Philly on October 30. After the release of their second studio album New Planet Heaven, in early October, the band hit the road and stopped at Philly’s Warehouse on Watts. The show was not sold out, and the crowd was very intimate. It ended up being a small-scale show that really blew the audience away and left them wanting more when it was coming to an end.

Having two opening acts, Modern Ties & Lurk, the crowd was getting prepared for a super fun show. The upbeat, pop sound of Modern Ties, a small band from Scranton, PA, had the audience jumping along and enjoying the music. When Lurk came out, the energy shifted, and the sound changed. Their sound, much different than Modern Ties, gave the audience a taste of how the night was going to sound. With more of a rock tone, they sort of captured the audience and grasped their attention.

HUNNY took the stage with arguably one of their best songs, “Natalie” off their first EP: “Pain/Ache/Loving,” released in 2015. An insane way to begin the show, with a song so strong and loved by the audience. The energy in the room was unmatched. The setlist was an incredible mix of songs, old and new. The next few songs were off their new album New Planet Heaven. The crowd seemed to enjoy the new songs and knew all the words.

The room was heating up as everyone was dancing and jumping around. Jason Yarger, the lead singer of HUNNY, in his leather jacket, was continuously wiping the sweat off his head and struggling to keep up with the audience. Even though the crowd was small, the energy was unmatched, and everyone was having a great time. The band played “Halloween” (off their album Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes) the day before the holiday. Some people in the audience even dressed up in their Halloween costumes. The end of the setlist was more of their most popular songs like “Vowels (And The Importance of Being Me)” and “Televised.”

Overall, HUNNY put on an outstanding show. The mix of songs off the different albums, EPs, and singles, left the audience feeling fulfilled, being able to hear HUNNY’s works from 2015 through 2023. The band will continue their mini tour with five more dates in the US. Get out and go see HUNNY for a show you’ll never forget.

Maria Gilles

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: November 2, 2023.

Photos by Maria Gilles © 2023. All rights reserved.

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