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Handy Manny – Manny’s Green Team (A TV on DVD Review)

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Handy Manny - Manny's Green Team

Handy Manny – Manny’s Green Team

Handy Manny

Manny’s Green Team (Walt Disney Home Video-2009)

Just in time for Earth Day, your kids can team up with their favorite handy man, Manny Garcia and his talking tools, while learning some important life lessons about conserving our earth’s most valuable resources.

This kid and eco-friendly DVD offers five green episodes – including a never seen before bonus episode where Manny and the tools work together to help save an endangered nest of baby turtles.

Each episode on this special DVD shows Manny and the tools helping around town and teaching the residents of Sheetrock Hills – and your kids – about the importance of going green, conserving, recycling and protecting endangered animals.

CD extras include “Manny’s Green Checklist,” a fun, printable checklist to help the whole family go green and “Livin La Vida Verde” where your kids can enjoy exploring Manny’s workshop to find items that can be re-used and recycled.

Wilmer Valderrama, best known for his years on That 70’s Show, does the voice of Manny. He has played this beloved character on the Disney Channel since 2006.  Each episode focuses on teaching friendship, hard work, community and some basic Spanish.

Debbie Wagner

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