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Girls Against Boys (A Movie Review)

Girls Against Boys

Girls Against Boys

Girls Against Boys

It’s always a bit odd when a movie tries to make a feminist statement but it is written by a man.

Girls Against Boys has a feminist manifesto that is even more muddled than most: Men are violent beasts who deserve to die, unless they aren’t, and even then they will probably die. Or maybe not. I’m not sure.

Girls Against Boys is an weird mash-up of Thelma & Louise, Single White Female and Hostel. Unfortunately, the good ideas and moody filmmaking that the film is able to mine eventually get overwhelmed by the extreme violence and a slightly jumbled message.

It also makes the unfortunate narrative choice of making the heroines look crazier than the men who victimized them, and then in turn become their victims. In particular, we know from a flash forward that starts the film that one of the two bartenders who starts on a homicidal revenge plot, Lu (played by Nicole LaLiberte) is not exactly the most stable woman. In fact, she seems to be bordering on sociopathic. She will cheerfully acknowledge that her personal urge to kill comes from no particular past horror or bad upbringing, it’s just something to do.

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