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Ghosts Panel Recap: Paley Fest 2022!

Ghosts Panel Recap: Paley Fest 2022!

The Paley Center panel of Ghosts was so much fun to sit in on. From the screening of the new episode that airs on April 14th to the Q&A with the delightful cast of Ghosts itself. It made for a fun-filled night which I am sure the fans of the hit comedy show will not soon forget.

Stars and creatives of CBS's Ghosts in attendance were Rose McIver (Samantha), Utkarsh Ambudkar (Jay), Brandon Scott Jones (Isaac), Richie Moriarty (Pete), Danielle Pinnock (Alberta), Asher Grodman (Trevor), Román Zaragoza (Sasappis), Sheila Carrasco (Flower), Rebecca Wisocky (Hetty), Devan Chandler Long (Thorfinn), and Joseph Port, Executive Producer and Co-Showrunner. Natalie Morales, host of The Talk, moderated the panel.

The night kicked off with the sneak peak of the new episode entitled “Attic Girl,” which was a huge treat for fans in attendance. The premise of the episode was all about an '80s "mean girl" ghost named Stephanie, who died on her prom night, and woke up in the attic, triggering Sam to confront what befell on her own prom night; Alberta discovers she has some other unique gift. The episode was one of the post charming episodes so far, paying homage to the 1999 film She’s All That.

After that, the Q&A started with Natalie Morales bringing out the cast. Fans cheered as each cast member came out on stage. The cast were fantastic and seemed genuinely excited to be there interacting with their fans. So much was discussed from the bond of the cast, what it’s like on set, and who the cast would like to see guest star on the show.

The show is loved for its wit and charm and that in huge part due to the fact that the cast is very witty and charming themselves. Rose McIver spoke about the genuine connection everyone in the cast has together. She said that they have their own group chat and are constantly checking with each other all the time.

Another really great, comedic point in the panel was when the cast was asked “If you could they could see someone guest star on an episode, who would you want to see?” Danielle Pinnock, who portrays a spectral Twenties jazz singer, went with “a cool Nineties hip-hop ghost. A ghost rapper!” Asher Grodman, the show’s pantless Wall Street bro ghost, felt the most obvious hole in the roster was once any person who used to be alive “anywhere from 1800 to 1850.” Devan Chandler Long, who performs an adorable undead lunkhead Viking, went meta with the question: “Patrick Swayze. He’s historical. Patrick Swayze, the actor. Because he used to be the Ghost, and then he can educate us about ghosts. There’s a lot of tiers there.” The cast ended up all agreeing that Jason Momoa might be hands-down the best fit for their show.

After that, the panel wrapped up with some questions for the audience. One of the most memorable ones was directed at cast member Brandon Scott Jones who plays “Captain Isaac Higgintoot.” The fan said that she wanted to thank him for opening the dialogue between her and son on being gay. It touched the actor so much he actually began crying and so did the fan who asked the questions. Brandon said, “thank you so much for telling me that, it makes it all worth it.” It was such a great note to end the panel on.

Lindsey Blick

Copyright ©2022 All rights reserved. Posted: April 11, 2022.

Photos by Ashley Foster © 2022

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