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Gabriel Iglesias – Wind Creek Event Center – Bethlehem (A Comedy Review)

Updated: Sep 5

Gabriel Iglesias – Musikfest – Wind Creek Event Center – Bethlehem, PA – August 10, 2023

Gabriel Iglesias recently hit the stage in Bethlehem for the Don’t Worry Be Fluffy Tour, along with some friends.

Set right near the steel stacks, the stage was ready for a great night of comedy. The arrangement made it feel like Iglesias was cracking jokes in your living room rather than on a stage. It instantly got everyone in the mood for a good time.

Iglesias's comedy routine was a mix of relatable stories, hilarious everyday observations, and his take on the common things we all go through. His transitions from one topic to another were very smooth and his timing was on point. From stories of his childhood antics to poking fun at modern life's absurdities, he had the crowd hooked.

What made the night truly special was Iglesias's interaction with the crowd. He had a very easy-going style that made it feel like he was just making jokes with his friends. He riffed off the audience's reactions, turning them into punchlines and making each moment feel spontaneous and genuine.

The pacing of the show was great. It was like a rollercoaster – with high-energy moments followed by brief pauses that gave everyone a chance to catch their breath. The laughter was contagious.

Gabriel Iglesias's comedy show at Steel Stacks was definitely a great show. His relatable humor, storytelling chops, and ability to connect with the audience turned it into an unforgettable night. After the show, I caught up with comedian Martin Moreno to do a short photo shoot. He was extremely kind, even stopping to take photos and talk to fans around us. Martin stated that after over 20 years of performing that stepping on the stage never gets old.

If you're looking for a fun night out, I definitely recommend catching Gabriel Iglesias’ Don’t Worry Be Fluffy Tour.

Nick Bruno

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