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Frankie J – Price of Fame

Frankie J

Price of Fame

by Abraham Kuranga

With a voice like rich caramel and a demeanor that sweeps you off your feet, Frankie J is no stranger to the spotlight. A veteran of sorts to the music industry, Frankie J feels though, that he’s just getting his feet wet.

“Coming out, I’ve been called the ‘Latin Justin Timberlake’ or the ‘Latin Usher,” shares Frankie J. “I still have work to do to get to where those guys are.”

As far as he can remember, Frankie J has had his eyes set on becoming a superstar.

“I’ve always looked up to Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Jodeci and Bobby Brown,” confesses Frankie J.

If Frankie J has his way, he’ll be sharing the stage with artists like Pharrell Williams and Alicia Keys.

“I just love her vibe,” says J of Keys. It’s no surprise that the same people influence his music. “I’ve always loved R & B,” says Frankie J. “It has always sounded good to me. The music comes from the heart and is so deep.”

It is this deepness that Frankie J is searching for with his new album, Priceless.

“My whole thought process behind this album was to be better than the last album,” says Frankie J.

In attempt to “go to the next level,” as he put it, Frankie J purposefully concocted an eclectic record.

“This album is club oriented rather than ballad driven,” explains J. “I want to cater to all music lovers, on both sides of the aisle, but still stay true to myself.”

Frankie J digs deep into his personal life on Priceless, especially with the track “Daddy’s Little Girl.” According to Frankie J, after becoming a father for the first time, he began to realize how important his life was to his child.

“Parents can be so self-centered, only thinking about themselves,” says J. “I don’t want to be that kind of person and wanted my child to know that.”

As with most artists, the rise to prominence, for Frankie J, hasn’t been as smooth as his voice.

“I wish I knew how hard it was to make it in this business,” says J. “I wish I knew about the business side of music. There are so many people trying to get a piece of you, that it’s really opened my eyes.”

That hasn’t slowed Frankie J down and his lead single “That Girl” (featuring Mannie Fresh and Chamillionaire), has propelled Frankie J to the top of the charts.

“Hopefully I can make my fans smile with this new album,” says J. “I’ll be around for a long time producing and writing, so I hope I can continue to make them happy.”

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