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Feeling stressed? Now you can learn to meditate... with Chris Hemsworth

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Feeling stressed? Now you can learn to meditate... with Chris Hemsworth on

Starting today through 5/16, you can access the new 7 day Learn to Meditate series which is narrated by Hemsworth.

After 5/16, the series will be available exclusively through the Centr's health and fitness app.

After the stressful year we have all had living through a pandemic, this series is designed to introduce more people to the benefits of meditation. It provides an introduction to several meditation styles, allowing those that have never meditated before the perfect opportunity to determine which style is most effective with them.

The Learn to Meditate series will include:

● Learn to Meditate 1: Stress Release

● Learn to Meditate 2: Sleep Visualization

● Learn to Meditate 3: Breathing

● Learn to Meditate 4: Focus

● Learn to Meditate 5: Motivation

● Learn to Meditate 6: Body Scan

● Learn to Meditate 7: Peak Performance

Adding to their holistic approach to health, this new series builds on over 200 exclusive meditations, sleep visualizations and mindfulness articles currently available on Centr for all members of your family.

Hemsworth is an advocate for meditation and describes the Learn to Meditate series as "a great place to start". "With a few short meditations you'll be feeling calmer – and sleeping better – in no time. By just listening to one meditation each day you'll be feeling the benefits."

Founded by Hemsworth, the Centr app provides access to his team of world-class health and fitness experts – anytime, anywhere offering:

● Personalized Training Planner: consisting of over 1000 workouts including boxing, yoga, functional training, Pilates and more for all fitness levels.

● Daily Meal Plan: Composed of 600+ unique recipes created by dieticians and world-class celebrity chefs, with options for all dietary preferences from no limitations to vegan.

● Time to Breathe: Compiles hundreds of new meditations and sleep visualizations, including the latest kids' meditations narrated by Chris Hemsworth & Taika Waititi.

With the purpose of making health and fitness accessible to all, Centr delivers an incredible personalized experience tailored specifically to your goals. For as little as $10 per month.

For more info, check out:

Deborah Wagner

Copyright ©2021 All rights reserved. Posted: May 12, 2021.

Photo ©2021. Courtesy of Centr. All rights reserved.

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