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Faouzia, Carmen DeLeon & Georgee – Irving Plaza – New York (A Concert Review)

Faouzia, Carmen DeLeon & Georgee – Irving Plaza – New York, NY – October 25, 2022

When you pull up to a venue and there’s a line of people wrapping around the busy streets of NYC, you know a POPSTAR is in town. Faouzia, with supporting artists Georgee and Carmen DeLeon, hit the stage at the Irving Plaza in New York City on October 25th. The beautiful venue welcomed over 1,000 smiles in their space, preparing for a night full of love and light.

Georgee Days was the first act of the night. As soon as the stage lights lit up, fans in the crowd were filled with excitement; the night had begun! His stage presence, with vocals that, quite literally, blew me away, was the best way the night could have started. Singing original songs, like “Sad,” “Split,” and “Baby4You,” his strong messages in his songs were very nice to sing along with.

One more thing I’d like to mention, which is super important when at shows where the tickets are primarily (or simply have) general admission, is that Georgee stopped his performance due to a woman in the crowd not feeling well. This is the type of compassion an artist needs to have for people that are supporting them. Thank you to the Irving Plaza staff for helping that woman out!

Carmen DeLeon was the next act, right before Faouzia. The Latina singer absolutely HIT the stage with a huge bundle of energy. Jumping, dancing, interacting with fans, and just moving along with her music, Carmen was absolutely LOVING the NYC crowd. Her strong vocals filled every crack in the venue, singing her songs “Bésame Bonito,” “BBB,” and “Mala Memoria.

She kept a tone of satire, cracking some jokes with the crowd, and encouraging everyone to smile! I really enjoyed her performance. I grew up around Spanish music, so it was really nice being in that space. After her performance and getting ready for Faouzia, Carmen came to the side of the barricade in the crowd, talked to fans, took selfies and BeReal’s, and connected with her fans. Again, it is SO nice seeing artists being so appreciative of their fans.

The lights dimmed and screams started increasing; it was time for Faouzia to hit the stage. One thing I love about being able to review and photograph shows is see the fan’s reactions to having someone they admire in front of their eyes. As the lights came up, so did the many faces in the crowd. The lights hit her absolutely beautiful and brilliant outfit, bringing the attention to her, from the person at the very front to the person to the very back.

Opening up with “Puppet,” the space took their energy up by one hundred levels. The popstar kept a smile on for her entire performance, waving and interacting with fans. Being able to move in your performance and keeping your stamina to do your absolute best throughout the show is something hard to do, but she did THAT!

Other songs she included in her set included “Born Without A Heart,” “HABIBI” and “I Know.” Her talents are very vividly present, and she put on such a striking performance. Her encore was fascinating, including her songs “Don’t Tell Me That I’m Pretty” and her 98(+) million streamed song, “Minefields.” She closed off the night with another one of her hottest and most loved songs, “Tears Of Gold.”

I really enjoyed this show. Something you don’t see very often is three artists with different tones and approaches to their music coming together and hitting the same stage back-to-back on the same night. I felt like this kept a diverse unity among the crowd, and it was a beautiful thing to see. If Faouzia is coming near you, I highly recommend going to support her, along with Georgee Days and Carmen DeLeon. This was truly a night to remember!

Tammi Ferrara

Copyright ©2022 All rights reserved. Posted: October 28, 2022.

Photos by Tammi Ferrara © 2022


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