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Dorfman in Love (A Movie Review)

Dorfman in Love

Dorfman in Love

Dorfman in Love

A friend of mine who works in TV production has a pet theory that you can always tell that a sitcom is going to be awful if the posters or billboards feature a befuddled looking actress with her hands thrown up in the air in good-natured confusion or exasperation.

This stance is less common to film than television, but when I saw Sara Rue doing the pose on the poster for Dorfman in Love, I figured that it wasn’t a good sign.

Turns out I was dead wrong.  While Dorfman is by no means a masterpiece and it’s just slightly sitcom-esque, the movie is actually a whole hell of a lot more enjoyable and lovable than its one sheet led me to believe.

True, there is nothing really surprising that happens in Dorfman in Love, but as old-fashioned romantic comedies go, it has a surplus of heart, soul and sass. 

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