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Darren Daulton – What He Knows


Darren Daulton

Darren Daulton

Darren Daulton – What He Knows

by Ronald Sklar

Originally posted December 2, 2007.

“Don’t shoot the messenger,” says legendary former Philadelphia Phillies’ catcher Darren Daulton, responding to his many, many critics of late. Daulton, being the messenger in question, has only recently begun to share his newfound knowledge of spirituality and metaphysics, of aspiring to and traveling between various planes of consciousness.

In fact, he has written it all down on paper, in a newly released primer of his knowledge, called If Only They Knew.

Though raised as an Episcopalian in God’s country (Kansas), his transformation happened in an unlikely spot: Wrigley’s Field in Chicago. By this time, he was with the Florida Marlins, and they were on their way to winning a World Series.

The media eventually termed it an “out of body experience.” Daulton was sure that it was divine intervention, which started him on his path.

“I really didn’t share it other than with my wife at the time,” he says of his revelation, from his home in Florida. “I didn’t share it with the public until just a few years ago. The reaction was ‘Daulton’s off his rocker.’ That’s what lead me to write this book and share many aspects of spirituality and many other gifts and powers that we obtain. It all stems from the Bible. I was born Episcopalian so I always tried to find my answers in the Bible and they’re all in there.”

In 1997, Daulton retired from baseball after the Marlins’ World Series win.

“I was ready to get out after I won the championship,” he says, “which, thank God, we did, or I’d still be playing, trying to get one, probably. I was ready. I felt that there was something else. I fulfilled what I needed to fulfill there, and now there’s something else. I always felt that there was something else that I was supposed to do, and obviously this was it.”

Despite Daulton’s enthusiasm for what he has discovered within, and his need to share, his legions of fans and the sports press have cried, “say, it ain’t so, Joe,” and even “where have you (and your mind) gone, Joe DiMaggio?”

Daulton, however, remains as stoic and unflappable as he was during his fourteen-year career behind home plate.

He says, “Coming up playing eighteen years professionally, and fourteen in the big leagues, obviously in Philadelphia, you get to grow a thick skin. [The media and public’s reaction] was just one more hurdle to get over, one more obstacle.”

The response to Daulton’s pitch has ranged from the truly baffled to the genuinely interested.

“The reaction is really very much like playing baseball for fourteen years in Philadelphia,” he says. “You’re the scapegoat some nights and the hero some other nights. But I always felt that this has been my calling. When something of this magnitude takes over you, there is no stopping it, and you have a job to do. And that’s my job.”

This job’s major requirement is to spread the word and encourage people to open their minds to larger-than-everyday-life possibilities.

“It’s not my job to convert people,” he says. “And it’s not a belief. I know it.”

A huge engine to this philosophy is not to judge others (although he is judged harshly, constantly), and that everything and everyone are connected to an original, higher source.

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