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Cold War Kids – First Avenue – Minneapolis (A Concert Review)

Cold War Kids – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN – February 24, 2024

California indie rock band Cold War Kids made their 15th stop on tour at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Since they formed their band in 2004, they've released 12 albums and one live album. 

To say I was excited for this show is an understatement. Cold War Kids has been a staple indie band for me since high school and with every album they've released, I keep coming back and enjoying their music. By the time I arrived at the venue, it was packed, and you could feel the energy radiating off of each individual. When the lights went dark and the band took the stage, it was an immediate blast of positive power, not only from the crowd but from the band as well. You could tell that they were excited to be there and play a fun show. That's such a fun feeling, especially from a band that isn't new to the music scene. 

Their set started with "You Already Know" which was included on the New Age Norms 2 album released in 2020. New Age Norms 2 is a part of a trio of albums released over the span of three years. This tour was not only meant to celebrate their new 12-song self-titled album released in 2023, but also to celebrate and pay tribute to 20 years as a band. Their set was a fun mix of a little bit of everything, from every album and every era and accompanied by the perfect stage energy and lighting set up to match the vigor of each song. Overall, their Minneapolis show was the perfect ode to 20 years of Cold War Kids and a great celebration of their recently released album. Cold War Kids are definitely a band I'm more than excited to have seen.

Maddy Loch

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