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Cigarettes After Sex – Riviera Theatre – Chicago (A Concert Review)

Cigarettes After Sex – Riviera Theatre – Chicago, IL – October 7, 2022

Indie rock band Cigarettes After Sex hit the stage at the Riviera Theatre last night in Chicago. The line to the venue wrapped around the street and wound through the next block, the fans in eager pursuit of a coveted place for the show. The doors opened around 6:30, and the line got moving. Once inside, fans scattered to the merch booth hoping to get their shirts before the show started.

Walking down to the photo pit I immediately noticed my surroundings: fans chattering away about predictions on the night's setlist, the beautiful theater filled with moody purple and gold finishes, and the glistening mirror ball hung above the stage to which this band would perform. It truly was a beautiful sight to be immersed in all the faces lighting up with joy for the show.

The lights go down as lead singer Greg Gonzalez, followed by bassist Randall Miller, and drummer Jacob Tomsky, enter the stage and the fans instantly react with an outpour of animation. The first notes of “Crush”' absorb the audience in an ambience of bliss. The spotlight on Gonzalez is captured by a cloud of fog gliding across the stage. Throughout the show the fans' reactions to “Sweet,” “John Wayne,” and “Opera House” imitated their internal delight.

However, the audience clearly had a favorite song – as the lights began reflecting off the mirror ball, the stage was filled with shining paths of light, and the crowd completely erupted with emotion as the realization set in and “Apocalypse” began to play. Gonzalez danced around the stage embracing the appreciation of his craft. Miller acknowledged the crowd's reactions with soft motion. Tomsky played, never missing a beat.

The show concluded with Gonzalez greeting fans, who welcomed his secure presence. This show was beautiful in so many ways; if you can find some tickets for their last sold-out shows, get them while you can!

Emily Koprowski

Copyright ©2022 All rights reserved. Posted: October 9, 2022.

Photos by Emily Koprowski © 2022

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