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Chloe Moriondo & Dreamer Isioma – The Fillmore – Philadelphia (A PopEntertainment.com Concert Review

Chloe Moriondo & Dreamer Isioma – The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA – November 11, 2022

On Friday November 11th, The Foundry welcomed the incredible Chloe Moriondo to the stage on their Suckerpunch tour, named after their most recent album released October 7, 2022. After going in a more hyper pop direction with her new album, fans were eager and excited to see what was in store for them.

First to take the stage was Dreamer Isioma. Isioma’s guitarist took the stage first, encouraging fans to sing along with some hit songs through the speakers to hype the crowd up! Dreamer Isioma and the rest of their band then came running on stage, and immediately filled the room with energy with their first song “Cookout.” They kept this energy up throughout the entire set, as they continued with their song “Dumb in Love.” Dreamer Isioma had an incredible connection with their band, and with the crowd as they got down in front of the barricade singing directly to fans. They put on a phenomenal show, and the crowd went wild as they ended their set with their most popular song, “Sensitive.”

Next up was Chloe Moriondo, as they began their set with “Popstar” and “Knockout.” They looked beautiful on stage, accompanied by their two-piece band. Moriondo immediately came out with energy, jumping around on stage and instantly making connections to the crowd, who was giving just as much energy back. In between songs, Chloe Moriondo stated how happy she was to be in Philadelphia, striking up conversations with individual fans. Right away it was apparent how happy they were to be on stage, and how passionate they were about the release of Suckerpunch.

Chloe went on to perform the song “Bodybag” from their last album Blood Bunny. They went on to discuss Blood Bunny stating how it was the softest album they were going to release, and how the new direction of Suckerpunch was going to be what to expect from now on! They continued their set with “Cdbaby <3”, which received the biggest reaction from the crowd so far.

Chloe Moriondo and their band put on a phenomenal show. It was one that was full of energy and excitement and made for a beautiful atmosphere. If you have the chance to see Chloe Moriondo on their Suckerpunch tour, I absolutely would take that opportunity!

Emma Fox

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