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Cavetown, Mxmtoon & Ricky Montgomery – Mann Center – Philadelphia (A Concert Re

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Cavetown, Mxmtoon & Ricky Montgomery – Skyline Stage at The Mann Center – Philadelphia, PA – August 4, 2023

A warm evening of music was shared by many at the Mann Center when Ricky Montgomery and Mxmtoon joined Cavetown for their Bittersweet Daze Tour. Throughout the night, the Philadelphia audience was treated to both an upbeat and emotionally touching setlist of songs. As a result, the crowd, as well as the performers shared the space together and they interacted and indulged in the feeling of community. As the stage was being prepared, fans (many wrapped in Pride flags) made the best of the beautiful night overlooking the Philadelphia skyline, by chatting and even gifting homemade jewelry to each other. It became clear that the fans reflected the music in their wholesomeness.

As for the performers themselves, the show did not disappoint in the slightest. After an initial opener – grentperez – who we unfortunately didn’t make it in time to see, Ricky Montgomery was the first I saw to share some of his great work including his viral hit Line Without a Hook, “My Heart is Buried in Venice” and “Mr. Loverman.” The audience was screaming and singing throughout his set, enjoying every song. It was clear that Ricky truly enjoyed performing too, as he was happy to jump into the photo pit to sing a little closer to his fans and share his excitement to be in Philly, where he said his girlfriend’s family resides.

Mxmtoon was able to keep the audience in high spirits despite the rain rolling in. She even played off the weather with one of her more emotional songs. Needless to say, her performance of her hit “Prom Dress” was a huge crowd pleaser. Many sang every word with their hands shaped into a heart on their chest, me included. You could feel the emotion throughout the crowd. She also performed other great songs like “Kaleidoscope,” “Sad Disco,” and “Feelings are Fatal.” Mxmtoon gave a wonderful performance and left the crowd in a calm vibe as they anticipated the final act.

The last performer to close the night was Cavetown, a wonderful performer whose lovely and polite nature alone was able to warrant applause from the fans. There was not a single soul who did not sway or bounce to every song in their set. The way they resonated with the audience with songs such as “Frog” prompted some to hold up their own plush frogs. It was incredibly sweet in its own right. However, a truly heartwarming moment occurred when Cavetown requested their tour-mates to come back on stage with them so that they could perform a song together. The group put their arms around each other as they sang “Nobody Loves Me.” The moment reflected the friendship they had grown throughout their tour and grounded the show in a way that felt like a hangout with friends.

Notably, the final song in Cavetown’s set was probably one of their most well-known songs “This is Home.” Despite them explaining that the song does not completely resonate with them anymore, they respect that it does for others. Even I had a wonderful time singing every word and being taken back to a time when that song was new. It was a shared moment once again as everyone in the crowd shared in hugging and singing. Added to their fifteen-song set were fan favorites like “Lemon Boy” (and yes, there was a HUGE blow-up lemon by the stage), “Laundry Day” and “Fall in Love with a Girl.”

This concert felt more as if it were a festival of people coming together to enjoy one another and some good music. The environment never lacked energy or charm, as performers and fans alike made it a summer evening to remember.

Jordan Wagner

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: August 6, 2023.

Photos by Jack Farrell © 2023. All rights reserved.


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