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Caroline Rose – Union Transfer – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Caroline Rose – Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA – April 12, 2024

Union Transfer was the place to be on Friday as Caroline Rose brought their North American tour to Philly. It was a beautiful evening that was even better if you had tickets to this show. Singer-songwriter Caroline Rose was nominated for Best Recording Package at the 2024 Grammy Awards for their latest album, The Art of Forgetting. This tour is an incredible work of art, the stage presence Caroline holds for their fans is something you rarely see. The crowd was so excited for the night.

Caroline began the set with the song “Tell Me What You Want,” one of their more popular songs off the new album. The audience, so diverse in age, were all going equally insane for the singer. After a few more songs off the same album, Caroline had some dialogue with the audience in between songs. The concert turned into what felt like a comedy show, them joking around with the crew and the audience laughing along.

The concert felt so intimate with how close the singer seemed to be with the crowd, belting their hearts out during the songs and joking along together in between them. The switch between the more mellow songs like “Stockholm Syndrome” off their newest album and the more upbeat songs off their older albums like Loner and Superstar. They left the stage with “Cry!” a powerful and loud song to almost end the night.

Coming back onstage strong with the encore, Caroline played “I Took a Ride,” a magical, synth-heavy, moody number. Then, “The Kiss,” an angelic way to end the show, these two songs back-to-back flowed so well and gave the audience a beautiful end to the show. The audience was in awe of Rose as they ended the set. Nonstop applause and cheering for the band and lead singer as they exited the stage.

It was an incredible show, complete with a variety from Caroline’s discography, new and old, and the audience loved it. Such a tasteful show, full of amazing music, lots of laughs, and lots of love in the audience. A beautiful night at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer. I highly recommend going out to a Caroline Rose show.

Maria Gilles

Copyright ©2024 All rights reserved. Posted: April 14, 2024.

Photos by Maria Gilles © 2024. All rights reserved.

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