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Butter (A Movie Review)




Jennifer Garner is in an interesting point in her career.  On the same day this week, she has two films being released on video after short-lived theatrical releases.  And the ideas behind both of the movies are, umm, well a little odd.  Which in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, there have been many off-beat movies that are fascinating.  However, while both of these films have their moments, both of them are eventually just a bit too quirky for their own good.

One of those films was The Odd Life of Timothy Green, a surreal look at families and small town life in which a barren couple who finally gets the little boy they have been wanting for so long – by magically growing the boy in their garden.

You wouldn’t think that you could come up with a movie concept that is even more wacky than that.  And then you watch Butter.

Butter is a surreal look at politics, art and small town values that revolves around the high pressure world of professional butter sculpture.  Butter sculpture???  Yeah, fo’ realz.  Apparently there is a thriving world of artists creating exquisitely detailed statues completely from huge blocks of dairy spread.

To read the rest of the story, click here.

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