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Beauty and the Beast – The Enchanted Christmas (A Video Review)

Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas

Beauty and the Beast – The Enchanted Christmas


Featuring the voices of Paige O’Hara, Robby Benson, Jerry Orbach, David Ogden Stiers, Bernadette Peters, Tim Curry, Haley Joel Osment, Frank Welker, Jeff Bennett, Jim Cummings, Kath Soucie, Paul Reubens and Angela Lansbury.

Screenplay by Flip Kobler & Cindy Marcus and Bill Motz & Bob Roth.

Directed by Andy Knight.

Distributed by Walt Disney Home Video.  72 minutes.  Rated G.

Just in time for the holidays, Disney is re-releasing Beauty and the Beast – the Enchanted Christmas for a limited time in a special Blu-ray/DVD 2 Disc Combo Pack.

Originally released in 1997 as a straight-to-video holiday special, The Enchanted Christmas actually starts after the Beast has turned back in to the Prince, but quickly flashes back to midway in the original Beauty and the Beast movie’s timeline – while Belle was at the castle but before the fight with Gaston which came at the climax of the original.

At the beginning, Belle and the Prince are getting ready to throw a Christmas party at the castle.  Cogsworth and Lumiere are arguing about who was responsible for bringing the celebration of Christmas back in to the castle.  Mrs. Potts starts telling the story of what really happened and then the story flashes back to earlier in the original film, after the Beast saved Belle from the wolves.

The Beast hates Christmas and you soon understand why.  Christmas was when Prince Adam was transformed in to a beast.  He forbids the celebration of Christmas, but Belle and some of your other favorite characters – including Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip and Cogsworth – ignore his orders and start preparing a celebration.

In this holiday adventure, you meet new characters: like Angelique, one of Lumiere’s girlfriends; Forte, the court composer who wants to make sure Belle fails at bringing celebrations back to the castle; Fife, Forte’s helper; and Carpenter Ax – who all work together in this 71 minute long film to bring, or not bring, Christmas celebrations back.

While it was not as amazing as the original, Beauty and The Beast – The Enchanted Christmas is definitely an enjoyable movie for any Disney fan, Beauty and the Beastfan or holiday movie lover!

Blu-ray extras include Disney enhanced high definition picture and sound, Disney’s Sing Me A Story with Belle, Disney Sing Along Mode, Disney Song Selection, behind the scene featurettes, the music video “As Long As There is Christmas,” Enchanted Environment which brings the castle’s crackling fireplace into your home.

DVD extras include Disney’s Sing Me A Story With Belle: Stick To It (Don’t Give Up), Disney Sing Along Mode and More!

Deborah Wagner

Copyright ©2011 All rights reserved. Posted: November 22, 2011.

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