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Alex Guzman - Quarantining with Blesiv

Alex Guzman

Quarantining with Blesiv

By Rachel Disipio

Known by his username “Blesiv,” eighteen-year-old content creator, Alex Guzman, has not let quarantine stop him from taking the social media world by storm. Whether it be on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or TikTok, Alex’s content never fails to attract the masses, resulting in thousands of likes, comments, and views on each of his postings.

With a combined total of over nine million followers across platforms, Alex shared his journey to social media stardom, answered the Blesivfam’s most asked questions, and gave us the scoop about teaming up with AwesomenessTV on their “Stay Home With Me” series. See what Alex had to say below!

You currently have 6.1 million followers on TikTok, nearly two million Instagram followers and over a million YouTube subscribers. What made you get started on social media and when did you realize you were taking off?

About four years ago I started a YouTube channel with my cousin. We stuck to a consistent upload schedule and we hit around a thousand subscribers, which was a really big deal for us. I realized we were growing our own little fan base, which is when I started transitioning to (which merged with TikTok in August of 2018). I ended up getting verified on the platform and about a year later I found myself on their first tour: The Boys of the Summer. I found myself getting a massive number of followers just from forming connections with everyone who was on the tour who were also doing the same thing I was doing. About halfway through the Boys of the Summer Tour it really hit me and I was like “Wow. I am gaining a lot of new followers and people actually want to come meet me.” It was a surreal experience.

You’ve partnered with AwesomenessTV in part of their “Stay Home with Me” series. Can you tell me a little bit about how that has been?

It was definitely an awesome experience. The whole filming process was super dope and I love how it focused around us staying home and being safe. It actually premieres tomorrow (May 12th, 2020) which I am super excited about. It is going to be very cool to see how the fans react to it. I am glad I could be a part of a movement that encourages people to stay home during these crazy times, so make sure you go check it out.

It’s very clear we are living in a completely different world than we were two months ago due to COVID-19. Would you say staying home has helped you perform creatively whether it be on TikTok or in one of your YouTube videos?

Definitely, 100%. The best thing about staying home is that I have no other option than to sit around and come up with ideas. Thinking back to before quarantine, I would get distracted and go out. Staying home has definitely helped me brainstorm new ideas and has made me realize what I need to focus on. I have a lot more time to think, edit, and produce more content for my followers, which is really awesome.

What has been your favorite video you have released during quarantine?

I am back in Reno, Nevada because I decided it would be best to be with my family during this tragic time. I would have to say my favorite videos I have released during quarantine is my driving series on my YouTube channel. I brought it back and I just drive around without getting out anywhere because obviously I am not allowed to go anywhere. It is definitely super cool to film and relive that feeling since I used to make videos like that all the time. It always feels good to film videos back at home because it is where it all started.

What is the first thing you want to do once quarantine is lifted and things start going back to normal?

I definitely want to start producing more content with my friends! I feel like my whole fan base misses me with my friends since we always love to mess around and be funny. I am excited to have them back on my channel, very, very excited for sure.

Pop Entertainment shared on their Instagram that they were going to be speaking with Alex and his fans were super excited! So, the next part of the interview was dedicating to finding out all the Blesivfam wanted to know! First one: if you could collab with any influencer on any platform who would it be, what would you create, and why?

Wow, that is a very good question! I am going to have to go with the person I have been watching on YouTube the longest, which is Shane Dawson. From his old conspiracy theories to his content now, it is super cool to see his growth from the start. I would want to invest in a series like he does. There is always so much going on behind the scenes and it would be amazing to see the process of creating something like that firsthand. Just to see how he produces content and be by his side would be such an inspiring thing to experience.

Do you see yourself releasing more music in the future?

Yes! There are actually some things in the works, but we are just waiting for the right time to release it. We want to make smart moves with our next release and possibly roll out a tour!

Speaking of touring, where is one new place you would like to tour?

I have already been on two US tours, but I have actually never left the US. I would definitely like to go on tour in Canada and the United Kingdom. That would be super sweet to meet all my international fans. I would love that opportunity.

If you weren’t an influencer what could you see yourself doing as a career?

Growing up I was actually very committed to going to college. I was taking a lot of honors and AP classes in high school and that is when social media came along and changed everything. But if I did decide to go to college, I was going to study computer science or computer engineering. I was very motivated to do it too, but this came along and was an opportunity I could not turn down.

What is your favorite TV show at the moment?

I have always been a big fan of Rick and Morty on Hulu, but I actually just recently finished All American on Netflix, which was such a good show. I would now consider it to be one of my top five TV shows, so definitely check that out if you haven’t watched it yet.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Five years from now I will be 23 and I hope to be in a better place than I am at right now. I am currently in the process of getting my mom a house in Reno, which is something I am super excited about, so hopefully by then all that is settled. I hope to still be filming content and I am excited to see where I am at that point in time!

Lastly, what can your fans expect from you in the upcoming months?

There is definitely going to be a lot more YouTube content, a couple special announcements, and hopefully new merch is coming soon. I know it has been a while and fans have been waiting for it, so I am looking forward to releasing new merch, which is super exciting!

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