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Aidan Bissett & Anna Shoemaker – TLA – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Aidan Bissett & Anna Shoemaker – TLA – Philadelphia, PA – October 24, 2023

Aidan Bissett provided an exciting night on tour honoring his latest EP release, “Supernova.” After seeing Aidan Bissett perform at this same venue in the spring while on tour opening for Valley, I couldn’t wait to see him headline the stage. Joined by Anna Shoemaker on this tour, fans were in for a treat and a night of incredible music.

Up first was Anna Shoemaker. This was an extra special performance for her as it was a hometown show, and Philly was definitely eager to welcome her home! Her set consisted of “If You’re Going (I’ll Go),” “On Me,” “It’s Depression,” “Holly” and my personal favorite, “666.” When on stage, Anna Shoemaker radiates passion and happiness, and she has no issue reeling the crowd in. Her beautiful vocals soared through TLA as she interacted with the crowd, and the fans danced along with joy.

At around 9pm, the lights went low, and cheers filled the venue as Aidan Bissett took the stage. His set started off strong as he opened with “All That I’m Craving,” “Out Of My League,” “Ultraviolet,” and “I Can’t Be Your Friend.” Bissett has incredible charisma while performing and makes sure to take advantage of every inch of the stage. His ability to engage and interact with the crowd is so much fun to watch, and it’s clear he has chemistry with his bandmates as well.

His set continued on with “Twenty Something,” “Wish It Was Me,” “Dumped,” and “Communication.” During his performance of “Song For Her,” Bissett got up close and personal with the crowd as he stood by the barricade swallowed in harsh blue light, singing to the crowd directly. He asked for participation from the crowd, as the song was performed beautifully. As the end of the set neared, Bissett performed “More Than Friends,” “Grocery Store Girl,” “Sick,” “Bloom,” and “Tripping Over Air.”

As a whole, this performance was so much fun to watch. After seeing Aidan Bissett’s growth throughout his career, this performance and his EP “Supernova” is a great testament to his hard work. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

Emma Fox

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: October 26, 2023.

Photos by Emma Fox © 2023. All rights reserved.

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