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A Love Letter to Firefly Music Festival

Firefly Music Festival – The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway – Dover, DE – September 23, 2022

A Love Letter to Firefly Music Festival

Dear Firefly,

You have always been exceptional, but this year you were extra special. Firefly, this year, you were perfectly planned to align with the first weekend of Autumn. And, though not typical of you, it was clear that your covid-thrusted autumnal version made itself right at home in the hearts of nearly everyone in attendance.

You magically brought a crisp and exuberant chill to the Friday night air. You comfortably encouraged music fans of all ages to bear smiles as they skipped around in their hoodies and combat boots. You enthusiastically lured artists who had performed on stage earlier in the day to join their fellow friends on stage at night, bringing unity to the woods in a camp-like fashion.

Everything about our night with you was enchanting. You allowed for Avril Lavigne to belt her heart out as she brought what seemed like the whole festival back to the 2000s. You called for Weezer to perform hit after hit after hit, prompting the audience to dance for the entirety of their one-hour set.

You gave My Chemical Romance the stage to wow their suspecting roadies into a trance while quickly turning some unsuspecting attendees into their number one fans. You set Zedd up perfectly to close out the night from behind his castle-like workspace, hypnotically keeping everyone up past their bedtimes.

Your “Bazaar” offered fans a respite from the booming speakers, selling everything from handcrafted jewelry to uniquely printed pants. Your “Nook” lured individuals into its corner to dance, sit, and stand alongside glowing mushrooms. And your “Thicket” called for the adventurous to dance, in what passersby thought was silence, to music in their headphones. Firefly, we are already getting ready for next year.


Your fans

(P.S.: This was written by Sami Speiss)

Sami Spiess

Copyright ©2022 All rights reserved. Posted: September 25, 2022.

Photos by Sami Speiss © 2022.

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