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6 Plots (A Video Review)

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

6 Plots

6 Plots

6 PLOTS (2012)

Starring Alice Darling, Ryan Corr, Penelope Mitchell, Eliza Taylor, Emily Wheaton, Joey Coley Sowry, Damien Harrison, Andrew Clarke, P.J. Lane, Peter Berzanskis, Matt Callan, Peter Flaherty, Saskia Hampele, Steve Hayden, Dean Kirkright, Lulu McClatchy and Nicole Joy Tan.

Screenplay by Tim C. Patterson.

Directed by Leigh Sheehan.

Distributed by Lionsgate.  87 minutes.  Rated R.

If you just look at the first 15-20 minute set-up of the straight-to-video Aussie horror film 6 Plots, you could be excused for not having high hopes for the movie.  After all, the film introduces us to seven spectacularly attractive and spectacularly obnoxious high school students, four girls and three boys who are obsessed with trash talking, binge drinking and social media, who break into a stranger’s gorgeous seaside home to have a wild blow-out party, planning on trashing the place if possible.

Add to that the fact that this movie was made apparently four or five years ago and is just now being deemed worthy of release.

Muscle on through this annoying intro, though, and 6 Plots evolves into a relatively effective cat-and-mouse techno thriller.

Later in the night of the party, Brie (Alice Darling), the smart one of the girls (well, that is relative) wakes up passed out in the house.  All of her friends are gone.  She gets a text from a threatening-looking emoji saying that she is the only hope her friends has to live.  There are only two rules: She can’t call parents and she can’t call the authorities.

Soon after, all the others awaken, and they are stuck in coffin-like wooden boxes.  Each one has some odd difference – one is soaked in gasoline, one has water raising, one has bugs coming in, one has a wire going inside, one has an asthma inhaler taped out of reach.  All of them do have cell phones, though.  But the evil emoji gives them the same threat.  Any breaking of the rules will lead to one person dying.

Therefore, Brie and the local sheriff (who is both the authorities and a parent, oops…) have to try to find the kids before it is too late.  In the meantime, the entire ordeal is being streamed online.

The movie is not great, particularly in a postscript which strongly suggests that the wrong person has been blamed for the whole thing, and that the person who should be the most obvious suspect is blatantly flaunting his guilt but only one person seems to have noticed.  It seems like they were hinting about a future sequel that apparently never came.  Also, and I can’t go into specifics for fear of spoilers, but this apparent bad guy’s motive is pretty pathetically trivial.

However, 6 Plots has some decent enough scares.  If you catch it late night on cable, it’s probably worth a look.

Alex Diamond

Copyright ©2016 All rights reserved. Posted: October 4, 2016.

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