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VIDEO PREMIERE presents Aviv Cohen's special World Video Premiere of "I Think I'm in Love." is excited to share with you the next big thing coming out of Toronto, Aviv Cohen. Aviv is a classically trained vocalist, piano player, is currently enrolled in dance and guitar lessons. She has a huge voice with her vocals pulling you in one note at a time. Aviv toured all of last year performing for sold out crowds across Canada as a member of Mini Pop Kids (Canadian Kidz Bop). This experience has shaped Aviv into the hard worker she is today and has allowed her to feel empowered in moving onto her solo endeavors.

At just 8 years old, Aviv Cohen started her acting career, landing multiple roles in musical theater productions. Her immense talent only continued to grow, performing in back to back musicals, landing the role of Michael Banks (Mary Poppins) in a Toronto commercial, and booking 4 major roles in TV productions.

Her previous single "Who We Are" showcased a different side of the bubbly singer, co-written by Aviv, "Who We Are" is an anthem for anyone who has been bullied. The track starts off strong with the lyrics "You think I'm different. You call me names. As strange as it seems it doesn't mean we're not the same."

She exclusively told Teen Music Insider "One of the strongest lessons that I learned is that you should always try to be true to yourself.  I have had too many friends who have been teased and bullied and the way they tried to solve the problem is by "fitting in" and pretended to be different than who they are.  This works for some, but I think a better way is to embrace who you are because at the end of the day you should not surround yourself with people who aren't willing to accept that." 

Her new music video is for "I Think I'm In Love." This single tells the story of young girl's first crush and her exploration of feelings that she is experiencing for the first time. Aviv is wise and mature beyond her years, and this single captures that.

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