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Staying Home with Brent Rivera

Staying Home with Brent Rivera

By Ari Lafayette

At only 22 years old, Brent Rivera has become a well-known comedic influencer. Known for his work on YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok, Brent’s good pictures, and funny short videos have gained him over 19 million Instagram followers. He also has 27 million fans on the app Tik Tok. Additionally, his funny YouTube videos have earned him over 12 million subscribers.

Rivera’s content is always captivating and fun. Fans have seen him do everything from lip syncing videos, to performing funny, relatable skits, to making music. Brent definitely keeps his followers on their toes!

Brent Rivera is from Huntington Beach, California. He has been making YouTube videos since he was only 12 years old, but he really started picking up steam around 2013 when he began making Vines. Rivera’s Vines were lighthearted, relatable, and absolutely hilarious. A fan favorite was his signature “mmhmm” vines.

Many of his most popular Vines featured his sister, Lexi Rivera. The iconic brother-sister duo still frequently makes content together today. On Tik Tok, Lexi is known for her talented dancing skills and fascinating flexibility. She also makes a lot of Tik Toks with her boyfriend, Ben Azelart, who is also a content creator on the app. Together, Brent and Lexi make hilarious dancing videos, skits, and are always pulling pranks on their mom.

In the past, Pop Entertainment has had the opportunity of watching Brent grow, speaking with him a couple of times over the past few years. Our first-time meeting Brent was at DigiFest in New York back in June of 2015. While most of you know Brent for his funny videos, we recently saw him at the Celebrity Basketball Game at VidCon 2019, where we discovered he’s actually a great basketball player too. On the Blue Team, Brent played alongside other influencers, like Alex Wassabi, against the White Team which included more influencers, like David Dobrik and Tristan Jass, to name a few.

We most recently got the chance to catch up with Brent Rivera about his life since quarantine and his upcoming projects with AwesomenessTV

How have you both been doing during this quarantine?

We've been doing good, just focusing on staying positive.

You’ve always put out fun content with AwesomenessTV’s and now are working on episodes of their “Stay Home with Me” programming. How fun was it making them and which did you enjoy most?

It was super fun. We really enjoyed filming High School Trivia.

Can we expect more?


Congratulations on hitting 25 million TikTok followers! You’ve made a lot of funny skits on the app, but which was the most fun to make so far?

Thank you! I definitely made a lot of videos but when I film with my friends its super fun.

We first met you years ago in your DigiFest days. Since then, Vine and numerous other platforms have come and gone. Which was your favorite and which do you miss most?

Vine was a great start for me, so I definitely miss it, I really like all of the major platforms now including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube.

Last summer we interviewed your female castmates from Light as a Feather at VidCon right before season two came out. Can you tell us if there will be a season three? We certainly hope so!

I'm not sure yet but I hope so, too!

Besides killing the TikTok game and working with AwesomenessTV, what else have you two been doing to keep yourselves occupied on lock down?

We've been trying to film content for our YouTube, Instagram and TikTok and hanging with family.

Finally, this lockdown has been a very stressful and difficult time for many. Do you have any uplifting words for your fans who are struggling on lockdown?

Stay strong, this is only temporary, and we will get through this. Let's use this as a time to learn new things and better ourselves!

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