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Reno 911!: Miami (A Movie Review)

RENO 911!: MIAMI (2007)

Starring Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Carlos Alazraqui, Mary Birdsong, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Niecy Nash, Patton Oswalt, Paul Rudd, Dwayne Johnson and Danny DeVito.

Screenplay by Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon and Kerri Kenney-Silver.

Directed by Robert Ben Garant.

Distributed by 20th Century Fox. 84 minutes. Rated R.

I've never seen the Comedy Central series Reno 911!, but I had actually heard some pretty good things and always had wanted to check it out.

Therefore, when they expanded the series to the big screen it seemed like the perfect chance to catch up. Despite a historically bad title (Reno or Miami? Decide guys!) I was looking forward to this movie.

What a slap in the face!

I sat through the 84 minutes (and believe me, it was hard time) of Reno 911!: Miami with a stunned, dazed look.

Not so much that it was not funny – though it most certainly wasn't – but the complete depth of the ineptitude on all levels of this film was frankly stunning. It isn't even as clever as the show it is so obviously TRYING to parody, Cops – and how is that for a timely subject for parody?

Even the attempts to "sexy" it up for the big screen land with a thud – these essentially just consisted of cursing, several goofy and non-explicit shots of the Reno cops simulating masturbation and a stupid nude beach segment in which there seemed to be only one gratuitous topless bather.

However, if you think beached whales, Scarface imitations, biochemical hazards, male cops with tight short-shorts and female cops with asses the size of Montana are funny, then this is the movie for you.

If this is what the Reno 911! guys do with a little budget and censorship wiggle room – I don't want to see what the series is like with them handcuffed by Comedy Central's standards and practices. I wouldn't mind seeing them handcuffed in one of Eli Roth's Hostel movies, though.

Reno 911!: Miami wouldn't be worth watching for free on cable (where it will show up in a matter of days), it certainly isn't worth spending good money on. Save your time and effort and just hit yourself on the head with a hammer. It will have the same effect. (5/07)

Dave Strohler

Copyright ©2007 All rights reserved. Posted: June 2, 2007.


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