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Playlist Live – World Center Marriott – Orlando, Florida – April 22-24, 2016 (A PopEntertainment.com

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Playlist Live Orlando 2016

Playlist Live – World Center Marriott – Orlando, Florida – April 22-24, 2016

Playlist Live is a three-day convention for online content creators and their fans to meet. It is held annually in Orlando, Florida, and Washington, D.C. In prior years, Playlist Live focused solely on YouTube creators. Now, as much as half of Playlist Live’s special guests are from other online communities, such as Vine and Musical.ly. This past weekend, over 12,000 fans and 450+ social media superstars attended Playlist Live Orlando 2016, making it one fun-filled, insane weekend!

Playlist Live Orlando 2016

There isn’t one word to describe what Playlist Live is like. It’s a fast paced, exciting, fun, and pretty much indescribable experience. This year, like years prior, fans eagerly lined up to meet their favorite YouTubers, Viners, and other favorite social media personalities. Some of the most notable creators in attendance this year included Just Jamie, Bri Nicole, Lohanthony, Dana Baby, Sigh Mike, Maddi Bragg, Sydney Ok, Savana Spring, and Owen Lang, amongst hundreds of others. It was amazing to see fan after fan practically sobbing of joy after coming face to face with their favorite creators (or idols, as they would say).

Playlist Live Orlando 2016

Along with the meet and greets, many creators also participated in panels throughout the weekend. These panels gave attendees an opportunity to see creators talk about a certain topic in the online entertainment world. One of the most notable panels from the event touched on the topic of body confidence and self-image. During this panel, creators Kati Morton, Meghan Tonjes, Shaylee Meurer, Kenzie Elizabeth, and Jeanine Amapola encouraged viewers to love themselves regardless of what others think. They really stressed the importance of self-love and made sure their audience knew that their self-worth isn’t dependent on a certain number of likes.

Playlist Live Orlando 2016

From the meet and greets, to the panels, to the overall event itself, Playlist Live Orlando 2016 sure did not disappoint. The event grows bigger and better with every year that passes by. I’m stoked to see what Playlist Live has in store for Washington, D.C. later this year – and of course, Orlando 2017, as well! If you’re interested in attending Playlist Live in the future (as you should be!), tickets and other information can be found at: www.playlist-live.com

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