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P!NK – Atlantic City Boardwalk – Atlantic City, NJ – July 12, 2017 (A Concert R

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

P!NK – Atlantic City Boardwalk – Atlantic City, NJ – July 12, 2017

P!NK – Atlantic City Boardwalk – Atlantic City, NJ – July 12, 2017

We have a saying in my family: If someone offers you an opportunity to jet ski for free, you just say yes (and thank you). So when PopEntertainment offered me the opportunity to cover the 2017 Atlantic City Beachfest Concert Series’ P!NK  concert, I just had to say yes. I have been a fan of P!NK’s music for years, have admired videos of her performance and had always wanted to see her perform live. I was clearly not alone.

Arriving at the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, P!NK fans were easily and plentifully identifiable – wearing earlier tour tees, pink hair, with that mischievous ready-to-rock gleam in their eyes.  At 3:30, fans were already forming into lines and crowds.  The venue handled crowd flow easily – entrances were well marked and groups were funneled in through few security check points.  Gates opened earlier than the posted 5 pm, allowing people early access to mark their space with beach towels and chairs.

It was hot.  Real hot. I was amazed at how many people were arriving so early in this heat. P!NK would not be performing until at least 8:25pm per LiveNation and other media sites.  The venue set up water fill stations and spray stations to try to keep people cool. Closer in by the stage, crews were spraying water with hoses into the crowd. It didn’t change the fact that this was sweat-from-every-sweatable-body-part hot, but it made the wait tolerable.  My guess is the $50 towel from the official merchandise stand made a killing as people (including me) chose a functional, sweat-absorbing souvenir.

At 5:52pm, we got our first sound check and more of the crowd took to their feet.  Philadelphia DJ Dee Jay took first place in the evening’s line up, playing a mix of rock and hip hop.  He played for about an hour, but lost most of my attention after a couple of songs. Same for the couple sitting next to me – the husband, a DJ and sound guy from Hartford, CT, popped some ear buds into his ears and his wife, Minnie and I started chatting.

The couple drove in five-plus hours for this concert to fulfill Minnie’s bucket list dream of seeing P!NK perform live.  They purchased what they thought were first row tickets (at $400 + fees per ticket) –splurging on the experience at the top-tier ticket price to find out that there were no rows, and certainly no priority placed on the higher dollar ticket as compared to anyone else in the same section.  We heard the same story from a far more belligerent older man and his wife who had exchanged “words” and even some physical contact with staff trying to rectify the situation. I suspect the venue will be getting a few heated emails this week from people in this ticket category.

Dreamcarz took the stage as the opening band, with their pencil-mustached lead singer, female sax player and bare-chested drummer. I’d never heard their music before, but they took the crowd with their vibrant pop-rock vibe that was perfectly matched for this crowd and beach venue.  They dedicated their final song to P!NK and the crowd went crazy.

Around 8pm, we watched the crew transition the stage from the Dreamcarz red drum kit set up to a giant Pin Cushion based set.  The night was cooling down and fans expectantly took to their feet and moved closer to the stage.  Beyond the barrier at the front right of the stage area, fans were treated to a glimpse of P!NK’s family.  Security dogs walked the runway a few times while helicopters circled overhead – a reminder of our current world climate in a post-Ariana Grande concert world, but not anything that took the joy out of being on that beach with hardly a cloud streak in the sky, minutes away from watching a bucket-list fulfilling performance.

Just before 9pm, stage ready, the band took to the stage.  Everyone was on their feet-with cell phones and recording devices at the ready.  The band started playing a building intro fit for a queen’s entrance – the crowd anxiously trying to figure out what the opening song would be.  Fittingly, P!NK opened with a powerhouse performance of “Get the Party Started,” with acrobatics, incredible dance moves, and even fireworks.  She danced down the catwalk in her breezy striped pants and the crowd went crazy.

She performed a familiar and crowd-pleasing total of 18 songs.  The stage transformed with large background props and vibrant projections, changing from song to song.  She gave a shout out to having the best of everything – the best band, the best fans, the best family – and the crowd loved it.  After “Just a Pill” P!NK engaged with the crowd asking “How the hell is everybody?” and shared that Atlantic City is her mom’s home town.  After “Trouble” she interacted with some fans and picked up some fan presents – including a stuffed toy Gizmo from Gremlins, a laminated letter and a handmade circular print pic of P!NK giving the finger.

“Try” displayed haunting vocals accompanied by a pas de deux performed by two female dancers, showing the pain and strength required to keep trying.  P!NK took to the catwalk and the entire crowd sang along while she performed “Just Give Me a Reason.”  P!NK got soulful with her guitarist at the edge of the catwalk, surrounded by flowers, for acoustic versions of “Who Knew?” and “Less Than Perfect,” the family-friendly version of her song “Fuckin’ Perfect.”

There were a few intriguing covers, including Led Zeppelin’s “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You,”displaying big drums and a killer guitar solo at the end, which also allowed P!NK a costume change to black pants and a white blazer.  Later, she treated us to her favorite cover of “Rivers” by Bishop Briggs, complete with stunning projections.

The pyrotechnics came alive “Just Like Fire,” and the crowd was treated with another P!NK performance down the cat walk.  The full team showed off their athletic dance moves in “Blow Me (One Last Kiss).” “Raise Your Glass” rounded out the full energy evening, complete with fireworks.

But wait, what was the aerial set up?  Fans excitedly watched as the aerial harness lowered to the stage.  P!NK returned to the stage and harnessed in.  She said she was ready and the music started.  With the familiar intro to “So What,” the crowd spontaneously combusted!  P!NK was raised into the air and belted out key lines of the song, while her backup singers took up most of the underlying song to allow her to show off her aerial acrobatics (while still singing….a signature P!NK move!)

All and all, this was a stellar spectacular performance – everything that this fan imagined it would be.  P!NK is a soulfully talented singer and gifted performer with a team and fan base that she clearly appreciates.  It was truly a night to remember.


  1. Get the Party Started

  2. U & Ur Hand

  3. Just Like a Pill

  4. Trouble

  5. Try

  6. Just Give Me a Reason

  7. How Come You’re Not Here

  8. Fun House / Just a Girl (No Doubt cover) (medley)

  9. Who Knew? (Acoustic)

  10. Less Than Perfect

  11. Me and Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin cover)

  12. Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You (Led Zeppelin cover)

  13. Sober

  14. Rivers (Bishop Briggs cover)

  15. Just Like Fire

  16. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

  17. Raise Your Glass

  18. So What?

Bonnie Paul

Copyright ©2017 All rights reserved. Posted: July 13, 2017.

photo by Bonnie Paul © 2017

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