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North Star Boys – The Foundry – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

North Star Boys – The Foundry – Philadelphia, PA – April 6, 2023

The North Star Boys, consisting of brothers Oliver and Sebastian Moy, Justin Phan, Kane Ratan, Darren Liang, Regie Macalino, and Ryan Nguyen, are a popular pop group and content creator group who have taken social media by storm since they came together in 2021. Since 2021, The North Star Boys have also released their debut EP titled “PANIC”, released in March of 2023, and have plans to continue releasing more music in the future. Their online success continues to grow, and they have accumulated 5.5 million followers on TikTok.

On Thursday, The Foundry in Philadelphia welcomed the North Star Boys for an exciting night! Fans gathered eagerly throughout the venue waiting for some of their favorite social media stars to take the stage.

As the lights went low, the crowd went wild as Oliver Moy was the first to take the stage, opening up the show performing “Misery.” The screams in the crowd did not stop there as he was joined next by member Regie Macalino, followed by Sebastian Moy. The group shared a sweet moment on stage as Regie was surprised by his girlfriend who flew out from California for the show!

They continued their performance with songs “Panic” and “Sunshine,” before continuing the show with a Q&A. They responded to questions that fans in the crowd asked on Twitter, making for an incredibly interactive experience. After this, Oliver Moy took a moment to thank the crowd for being there and showing his appreciation for their support over the past few years. Overall, it was an incredibly exciting show with the North Star Boys! Be sure to keep up with them on social media and stream their debut EP “PANIC.”

Emma Fox

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: April 8, 2023.

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