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James Arthur & Nina Nesbitt – The Fillmore – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

James Arthur & Nina Nesbitt – The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA – May 16, 2022

James Arthur, an English singer as well as ninth series X Factor winner in 2012, accompanied by Nina Nesbitt, a Scottish singer and songwriter, stole the stage of the Fillmore on this rainy Monday night. However, fans were not fearful of a little rain, and made their way through the line and inside.

Nina electrified the audience as soon as she came on stage. “Hello! My name is Nina Nesbitt from Scotland.” She then hit the ground running with her song “Loyal to Me.” She had the crowd mesmerized with her amazing vocals and stage presence and explained to us that “This song is for anyone who has met an F boy… You have them in Philadelphia too?”, which made everyone laugh in unison. Nesbitt then slowed down with her single “Dinner Table” and the crowd was swaying with pleasure.

This was followed by “Pressure Makes Diamonds.” “Do we have any ladies in the audience tonight? This is for you. Reaching your twenties is full of stress and pressure to succeed, so many coming at you at once, but despite it all, that pressure makes diamonds, and you’re all so precious and beautiful.” She asked the audience to sing the chorus with her. I felt hearing voices sing simultaneously was truly a piece of art, and I have a strong feeling that many felt the same. She then asked, “Who’s excited for James Arthur tonight?” There was a buzz across the floor.

We then waited, mingling and singing along to other music, for James Arthur to take the stage. Once the lights went dim, everyone shrieked with excitement. He came out recording on his phone for his Instagram story. Arthur performed “4000 Miles” and “Medicine,” which are both songs on his new album It’ll All Make Sense In The End. His fans roared with praise and were excited for the night to continue.

“You feeling good, Philadelphia? You look good on my story!” He then gave his fans a taste of some of his older music, such as “Sermon” and “Can I Be Him,” which made fans nearly swoon. Arthur then transitioned into his The Greatest Showman hit “Rewrite the Stars,” but not before telling the crowd, “Before I start this, I got a chance to work with a lovely British artist, Anne Marie… And she just so happens to be here!” Of course this sent the crowd into a frenzy, “I’m just kidding! She’s not here!” Everyone chuckled.

James continued to jumble his set with new songs and some old ones as well, and had the audience, physically, jumping with joy. He finished the night off with “Say You Won’t Let Go,” a bow with his band, and a hearty “Goodnight, Philadelphia!”

Emily Rodriguez

Copyright ©2022 All rights reserved. Posted: May 18, 2022.

Photos by Kayla Marra © 2022

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