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Inhaler & Sun Room – TLA – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Inhaler & Sun Room – Theatre of the Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA – March 16, 2023

Philly welcomed Inhaler for an incredible sold-out show on tour to celebrate their latest album Cuts and Bruises. Inhaler is joined by Sun Room on this tour, who most recently released their latest EP “Outta Their Minds” in late February. Fans eagerly lined up around the block, anxiously awaiting the night that was in store for them. As doors opened at 7:00, the venue quickly filled up and the excitement began!

Taking the stage first was Sun Room. Fans went wild as they came on stage and kicked off their set with “Darling,” “Sunset Blvd,” and “Summer’s Here.” Comprised of Luke Asgian, Max Pinamonti, Ashton Minnich, and Gibson Anderson, Sun Room started the night off on an incredible note. It was clear they were all having a blast on stage as they continued through their set with “Just Yesterday,” “Something That You’re Missing,” “Sunset Garage,” and a cover of “Get Off Of My Cloud” by The Rolling Stones.

This was my third time seeing Sun Room, and as always, their stage presence was captivating and they had incredible energy that got fans in the crowd up off their feet. They were met with many cheers from the audience throughout their performance. They finished their set with “Fun,” “Red Dress,” and “Cadillac,” leaving fans excited and invigorated for Inhaler’s set to begin, as well as with a lasting impression of who Sun Room is!

At around 9:00, the lights went low, and the venue was filled with screams from the crowd as Inhaler took the stage. They began their set with “These Are The Days,” “My Honest Face,” and “Totally.” The entire crowd was up off their feet jumping and cheering as Inhaler kicked off their set with incredible energy. Comprised of Elijah Hewson [son of U2 singer Bono], Josh Jenkinson, Robert Keating, and Ryan McMahon, fans were unbelievably excited to see the band taking the stage, performing once again. The atmosphere that Inhaler created in the venue was unbelievable! You could feel the happiness radiating from the fans in the crowd as they smiled, cheered, and danced throughout the entirety of the set.

Inhaler continued their set with “My King Will Be Kind,” “Now You Got Me,” and my personal favorites of the night, “Valentine,” and “Love Will Get You There.” Inhaler’s passion was unbeatable throughout their entire performance, and the energy and excitement in the room never once died down. As the set came to a close, they finished up with their songs “Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House),” and “Cheer Up Baby.” As they ran off stage after thanking the crowd for an incredible night, the venue was quickly filled with chants for an encore as it was clear the fans weren’t ready for the night to be over. Inhaler took the stage once again and performed a two song encore of “If You’re Gonna Break My Heart,” and “It Won’t Always Be Like This.”

Overall, this was an absolutely incredible show. Both Sun Room and Inhaler had captivating and exciting performances full of so much passion, and it was really amazing to see. Make sure to stream Sun Room’s new EP “Outta Their Minds,” and Inhaler’s latest album “Cuts and Bruises,” and be sure to get out to a show and catch them on tour!

Emma Fox

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: March 19, 2023.

Photos by Lewis Evans and Emma Fox © 2023. Inhaler photos courtesy of Universal Music Group. All rights reserved.

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