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Hanging Out With the Boys (and Girls) of Summer

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Hanging Out With the Boys (and Girls) of Summer

by Kayla Marra

After three years, the Boys of Summer Tour is finally back with some old, as well as new faces. From July 12th to August 10th, you can catch your favorite creators and artists on the tour, coming to a city near you in the USA.

The Boys of Summer tour originally started in San Diego 2014 by KLiK Events, featuring The Ocha Boys, Forever in Your Mind, Kenton Duty, Phase V, and so many more of our favorite influencers and performers from that era. Since then, there has gone on to be a Boys of Summer Tour each year, with more and more creators joining the fun.

This time around, members of the Boys of Summer Tour include Owen Holt, Bryce Buse, Connor Lee, SM6, Allie Haber, Megan Soo, Ashley Newman, Kairi Cosentino, Mattia Polibio, Cash Baker, Maverick Baker, Ricky Flores, Kjersti Long, Luca Schaefer-Charlton, Edwrds, Jack Corbin, Capri Everitt, and so many more!

We were able to check out the show in Philly and had an absolute blast.

Though this was only the third date of the tour, every creator put on an amazing show and/or performance. The day consisted of different games and challenges, as well as musical performances by SM6, Capri Everitt, Jack Corbin, and lots of others!

Between sets, we were lucky enough to talk to most of the influencers and artists on the tour. We chatted about what it’s like being able to see their followers’ faces in person, what their favorite TikTok trends are, who their dream collaboration would be, and even what song would save them from Vecna from Stranger Things!

During the event, it was evident on both the fans’ and the creators’ faces how special this day was for each of them; the influencers finally being able to meet their supporters, and the fans finally being able to see and even hug the people that bring them so much joy.

After a full day of performances, challenges, games, and fun, it was finally time for the meet and greet. Every creator on the tour stood along the photo-op wall and fans were able to make their way along the line, hugging and taking photos with each and every person on the tour. This was such a special moment to be a part of, you could really feel the mutual appreciation all throughout the room.

If you haven’t already gotten tickets to the Boys of Summer Tour, general admission is now FREE in all cities! You can purchase general admission passes, as well as VIP passes here:

You don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We can’t wait for the next tour!

Make sure you check out our interviews with the creators of the Boys of Summer Tour on our YouTube channel:

Copyright ©2022 All rights reserved. Posted: July 20, 2022.

Photos by Kayla Marra © 2022.

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