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Fletcher & Julia Wolf – The Foundry – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

Fletcher & Julia Wolf – The Foundry – Philadelphia, PA – March 18, 2022

After a few years of hiatus due to the pandemic, Fletcher finally returned to Philadelphia on Friday, March 18 at the Foundry. The night started off with openers Amelia Moore and Julia Wolf, who set the high energy vibe for the night. The room was stirring with anticipation as Fletcher’s fans waited for her to hit the stage.

As her band of three took the stage, the crowd was louder than ever. The room lit up as Fletcher walked in and began singing her hit song, “Girls Girls Girls.” Fletcher and the band then smoothly transitioned into “Forever” and “Cherry.” These first three songs really brought out the musical chemistry of the band as they jammed out on stage. As the song came to a close, Fletcher informed the crowd that it was her birthday, and that her only wish was for the audience to leave with no voices and sore feet from dancing all night.

Fletcher took the next two songs, “If You’re Gonna Lie” and “All Love,” to get up close and personal with her beloved fans. She hopped off the stage, grabbing the stretched-out hands of her fans and singing to those lucky enough to be in the front row. The song finished, and the entire audience lifted up signs reading “Happy birthday Cari!” as they began singing happy birthday.

It’s clear that Fletcher really knows how to capture an audience. She is a powerful symbol to her fans, especially being a part of the LGBTQIA community. As the crowd jumped and danced to the beat, Fletcher joined in with them, as if she was spending the night with a group of her friends. Many fans were even lucky enough to have their chests signed during the show, a signature token Fletcher likes to give her fans.

Her lyrics throughout the show spoke of heartbreak and vulnerable emotions and pain. There’s no doubt that her fans were feeling all of her words she expressed so powerfully. Fletcher will continue touring North America until April, where she will be touring in Europe. If you ever get the chance to see Fletcher live, do it!

Brenna Hallman

Copyright ©2022 All rights reserved. Posted: March 21, 2022.

Photos by Kayla Marra © 2022

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