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Emily In Paris Panel Recap: Paley Fest 2022!

Emily In Paris Panel Recap: Paley Fest 2022!

The closing panel for Paley Fest 2022, Emily In Paris, was moderated by Janine Rubinstein, the host of the "People Everyday podcast. The panel featured creator Darren Star, series director Andrew Flemming, stars Lily Collins (Emily Cooper), Ashley Park (Mindy Chen), Lucas Bravo (Gabriel), Camille Razat (Camille), and Lucien Laviscount (Alfie). Despite how special it was for fans; it was even more special for the cast and producers. This was their first in-person event since the show began.

Fans were very happy with the screening of season three, which ushered in what is to come in the near future. And they were hyped to see and chat with the cast! That being said, afterward, leading actress and producer Lily Collins started things off and took the microphone She spoke of many things and addressed how since the first season was prior to Covid it has very fun and positive energy surrounding filming, so when the show returned for the second season it was incredibly important to keep that same energy despite all of the new restrictions.

The cast then discussed the friendship that was evident onscreen and off-screen. Lily and Ashley have a great relationship, but the cast as a whole just gets along amazingly.

But Ashley and Lily recalled their first meeting at her audition; they rehearsed the scene in which Emily and Mindy meet. The chemistry was palpable. Both characters, as Americans living in Paris, experience the feeling of being a fish out of the water just as Lily and Ashley did as actors. Authenticity translates onscreen amazingly, and Ashley also cites fan feedback to support that belief.

Another big topic that evening was locations. "Locations are another character," said Showrunner Darren Star. In the same way he brought New York City and Beverly Hills to our homes, he brings Paris to life for Americans and Parisians alike. The two French actors present, Lucas Bravo and Camille Razat, agreed that Darren and director Andrew Flemming did an amazing job capturing the beauty and life of the city. The show was a love letter to Paris from drag clubs to Versailles, according to Lucas Bravo. The cast unanimously considers themselves lucky for the Emily in Paris experience.

The evening came to a close with fans asking the cast their burning questions.

Was it necessary for Lucas to learn to cook in order to play the part?

No, he used to work as a cook.

Did the actors get to keep their costumes?

No, but Lily wants to discuss it for the upcoming season!

Was there anything entertaining the cast did outside of work?

They did, in fact, learn how to create macaroons.

After a few more audience questions Lucas Bravo expressed his profound gratitude to the crowd for being there with them, saying that after two years of being alone, being with fans and seeing them was like coming home.

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