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Checking out the new FanRave Tour

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Carter Reynolds performs at Fan Rave stop in Freehold, NJ. Photo copyright 2015 Maggie Mitchell

FanRave is the latest tour for fans of YouTube, Vine and other social media.  Formed by Nick Swenson, known best for his work with the Magcon Tour, FanRave will be bringing some of your fave social media stars to a town near you.  Their inaugural events kicked off along the east coast in January 2015 with stops in Boston, MA and Freehold, NJ.

In spite being a new tour, FanRave was able to put together an impressive line-up of young social media talent including Carter Reynolds, Trevor Moran, Zach Matari, Reed Deming, Round2Crew, Devin Hayes, Evan Kreutzberg, Karina Rae, the Berry Twins, Jeffrey Miller, Gavin Becker and more!

Last week we checked out this new tour when they stopped in New Jersey.  The fans had an awesome time getting up close and personal with some of their internet idols which is definitely the draw of this genre of tours to the YouTube generation.

Check out our interviews and some of our favorite shots from the day.

Carter Reynolds

Reed Deming


Devin Hayes

Sam and Colby

Zach Matari

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