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Awolnation, Badflower & The Mysterines – The Fillmore – Philadelphia (A Concert

Awolnation, Badflower & The Mysterines – The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA – October 25, 2022

On October 25th, the Fillmore Philadelphia welcomed The Mysterines to the stage! Currently on tour with Awolnation and Badflower, the Liverpool band consisting of Lia Metcalfe, George Favager, Callum Thompson, and Paul Crilly gave the crowd an impressive performance.

The Mysterines took the stage first at about 7:30pm. While they had a calm and quieter presence at first, it didn’t last long as vocalist Lia Metcalfe filled the room with her strong and powerful vocals. Their set was made of songs all from their debut album Reeling released in March of 2022, kicking it off with the title track, and continuing with “Old Friends Die Hard” and “Dangerous.”

Their set was an intense one to watch as each song played out powerfully, each member stood on stage in all black enrobed in the dim blue light that took over the venue. While there wasn’t much interaction or connection with the crowd, it was clear that they were focused on and passionate about putting on a strong performance.

As The Mysterines continue their live performances with Awolnation and embark on a tour with Arctic Monkeys on the UK/Ireland leg of their tour next year, I am looking forward to seeing their growth as a band and what else they can bring to the stage!

Next up was Badflower, opening the set with “Don’t Hate Me” and “Johnny Wants to Fight.” Each member of the band came out on stage with immense energy and put on a phenomenal show from start to finish. It was really impressive to see the large number of Badflower fans in the crowd, screaming the lyrics to each song reciprocating the energy in the room! Finishing their set with “Girlfriend,” “Stalker,” and “30,” the energy continued to rise as vocalist Josh Katz connected with individuals in the crowd.

Finally, taking the stage was Awolnation! The lights went low as each member took the stage, and as the first song “Freaking Me Out” began, the room lit up beautifully as the light from the disco balls on stage created an incredible atmosphere. The crowd went wild as Awolnation continued their set with “Kill Your Heroes,” “Run,” and “The Best.” Their energy on stage was immense, as each member of the band used every inch of the stage, creating a very intriguing and engaging performance.

Overall, each act put on an incredibly captivating performance visually and musically, and I highly enjoyed it from start to finish. If you get the chance to see any one of these acts as Awolnation finishes out their tour, you are in for an amazing night. Also be sure to check out The Mysterines debut album Reeling, as well as Awolnation’s latest single “Freaking Me Out.”

Emma Fox

Copyright ©2022 All rights reserved. Posted: October 28, 2022.

Photos by Emma Fox © 2022

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