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American Authors & Billy Raffoul – World Café Live – Philadelphia (A Concert Re

American Authors & Billy Raffoul – World Café Live – Philadelphia, PA – February 17, 2023

On Friday, World Cafe Live welcomed American Authors for a wonderful and intimate show, joined by Billy Raffoul. This was the fourth stop on their tour for their brand-new album Best Night of My Life, released on February 10th. This is their fourth studio album, and fans gathered eagerly in the venue, clearly excited for the night ahead.

Up first was Billy Raffoul, who started the show wonderfully. His set was made up of his songs including “You Be Love,” “Better,” “Jim Carrey,” “We Could Get High,” and my personal favorite, “I’m Not a Saint.” Raffoul was incredibly interactive with the crowd, and stated how excited he was to be back in Philadelphia. He had played World Cafe Live before and shared his love for the venue with the crowd. He kept the audience engaged through his complete set with his intricate vocals and lively instrumentals.

Not long after Raffoul’s set, American Authors took the stage. They were met with large cheers from the crowd, as they walked out with smiles from ear to ear. They started their set off strong with songs “Believer,” “Go Big or Go Home,” a cover of “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers, and “We Happy.” American Authors was extremely interactive with the crowd, sharing how grateful and excited they were to be there and to be back in Philadelphia.

They continued their set with songs “I’m Born to Run,” “Pocket Full of Gold,” “Deep Water,” “Best Day of My Life,” and the title track of their newest album, Best Night of My Life. Towards the end of the set, American Authors got up close and personal with the crowd, getting down off the stage and singing with the audience. The room was full of happiness throughout the entire night, and American Authors kept the energy lively through their whole set.

Be sure to get out and see a night of the Best Night of My Life tour with American Authors and Billy Raffoul as it continues over the next month, and don’t forget to stream American Authors newest album, Best Night of My Life on all streaming platforms!

Emma Fox

Copyright ©2023 All rights reserved. Posted: February 15, 2023.

Photos by Emma Fox © 2023. All rights reserved.

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