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Admission (A Movie Review)




The first, and perhaps most important question answered by Admission is that yes, there is still lots to look forward to for Tina Fey fans after 30 Rock.

After all, how do you follow up one of the seminal TV series of your era?  As the casts of Seinfeld, Friends and Frasier have shown, small screen brilliance does not necessarily guarantee you a second act after your career moves on.

Of course, Fey has been flirting with film stardom for several years now, tending to be the best part of movies like Date Night and Baby Mama, doing intriguing supporting roles and voice work in stuff like The Invention of Lying and Megamind as well as even writing the popular film Mean Girls.

However, none of her film roles lived up to Liz Lemon and her manic TV series.

Portia in Admission is no Liz Lemon either, but Fey keeps circling in closer.  Admission shows that Fey can carry a movie effortlessly (though she is certainly helped by terrific supporting work by Paul Rudd and Lily Tomlin).

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